Guide of commands

- The prefix of the bot is '+'.

- You can see all commands by writing '+help'.

- I host it on my Raspberry, to bring it some regular changes.

- If you do not remember the prefix, mention the bot.

 Discord Bots Stats

Command Description Example
+help / +cmd Show a list of commands available. +help
+letter "text" Write a message with emojis. +letter Hello World !
+embed [T="titre"] [D="description"] [C="couleur"] [I="image URL"] [F="footer"] [U="URL"] [A="author"] Shows a personalized embed. +embed T=Hello: D=I like this command C=red F=Thanks !
+listbans Show a list of banned members. +listbans
+listinvites Show a list of invite links. +listinvites
+listservers Show a list of servers with the bot. +listservers
+msgtotal [all / channel] "!membrer" Calculates the number of messages of a member in total or in the current channel. +msgtotal all @QuentiumYT#0207
+weather "city" Shows the weather of the specified city. +weather New York
+serverstats Show stats of server. +serverstats
+userstats "!member" Show the stats of member. +userstats @QuentiumYT#0207
+botstats Show the stats of the bot. +botstats
+shareme Invite the bot to your server. +shareme
+ping Calculate the bot's latency. +ping
+clear "number" Clear a specific number of messages. +clear 10
+kick "member" Kick the mentioned member. +kick @QuentiumYT#0207
+ban "member" Ban the mentioned member. +ban @QuentiumYT#0207
+autorole ["role" / show / remove] Give a role automatically to someone when he joins the server. +autorole Player / +autorole remove
+lang [fr / en / de] Change the language of the bot. (Default language : fr) +lang en
+idea / +bug "text" Submit your idea or report a bug to help improve the bot. +idea New commands
+showlogs Show the changelog of the bot. +showlogs

■ = Member Commands

■ = Admin Commands

■ = Feedback Commands

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